Refinancing At CBC Conveyancing

Given the low interest rates being offered at present by some of Australia’s leading banks, it is no surprise that most existing home owners are looking to refinance their mortgage. If you are also planning to do so we can help you to take advantage of this oppourtinity.

Refinancing sounds simple, but it still involves complex and binding legal documents with a lending institution. As part of our service, we are able to assist you with these. We can review the documents and sit down with you to fully explain the meaning of the terms used and your obligations under the agreement (contract), so that you feel informed and confident to proceed.

It is important to note that CBC Conveyancing is independent of all mortgage brokers and lending institutions and therefore we only have your best interests in mind.

Below is a simple outline of the tasks we would undertake on your behalf:

  • Contact your new lender/ broker and advise them that CBC Conveyancing are acting on your behalf;
  • Review and explain the mortgage documents to you;
  • Assist you in signing all documents (for your convenience, we have an in-house JP that can witness all documents);
  • Raise any queries with your lender as required;
  • Return all signed documents to the lender;
  • Order and provide all required searches to the lender;
  • Contact your current lender and advise them of your impending discharge of mortgage;
  • Arrange any forms they require to be sent to you and assist you in completing such forms;
  • Arrange settlement between the lenders;
  • Attend settlement on your behalf and notify you afterwards.

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